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Upcoming Events in Co. Meath

Step into the vibrant beat of Slane with our “Upcoming Events” directory, a live calendar to the myriad festivities, gatherings, and performances that animate our historic town

From music that resonates with the soul to cultural festivals that showcase our heritage, Slane’s events are a celebration of community spirit and artistic brilliance.

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Afternoon Tea and Mini Tour

Event Date: 2024-06-09T13:30
Location: Slane Co. Meath

Tankardstown Summer Soiree

Event Date: 2024-08-24T00:00
Location: Tankardstown Rathkenny Co. Meath C15 D535

Slane Walking Map

Boyne Valley Trails Walking Festival

Event Date: 2024-09-16T00:00
Location: Barmeath Castle